Gordon Dooley has a distinctive eye when it comes to truly capturing a photograph.  His photos are unmistakably his, characterized by the clarity of the story told in the eyes of his subjects. Influenced by a range of artists spanning from Helmut Newton to Annie Leibovitz to Sally Mann to Richard Avedon, his style captures a blend, uniquely crafted, taking pieces from these masters and combining his personal spin to eloquently expose the souls of those in front of his camera.  
Although portraiture was not always the intention of his photography, Gordon Dooley was shown time and time again that it was where he had the most power as an artist.  Effortlessly enhancing juxtaposition between the person in the photograph and the setting surrounding them, his photographs bring about a consistent reaction of satirical amusement.

Starting in High School in Connecticut, Gordon began to see photography as an art form not dissimilar to painting or sculpture.  From there, he began seriously shooting and developing photographs as a hobby.  Today he still prefers the mystery of shooting with film and the patience taught by waiting for the exposure to reveal itself. 



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  1. Kymberly Snew


    Since you are receiving this email, we would like to include you in our magazine for a feature on up-and-coming artists in all mediums in Orange County which will run in our October Art Issue in 944.

    We would need you to be photographed by Mark Sacro in the next few weeks (date is still being confirmed), as well as answer a few questions via e-mail. You will be in your own wardrobe and do your own hair/makeup (if applicable) so the photos capture your true style but a makeup artist will be on hard for touchups.

    We will most likely schedule this during the week and shoot all of you during the same day, unless too many of you need it on a weekend.

    Please let me know as soon as possible your willingness to do this and/or if you have any questions/concerns. I would also love availability or scheduling conflicts, too.

    ( I tried sending this to your email but have not heard from you and we would still love to include you in our magazine!) We are thinking of having the photoshoot Aug, 19th…still tentative but we would love to see if you are interested!
    please call or email!
    thank you!

    Kymberly Snew
    944 Magazine Staff Writer
    9 Executive Circle, Irvine

    August 3, 2010 at 8:38 pm

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